Agri-Neo’s mission is to help safely feed the world. To start accomplishing this, our vision is to set new food safety standards, initially with Neo-Pure for seeds, grains & nuts.

We were founded in 2009, and have invested significant resources from private investors and grants into our R&D.  Agri-Neo is headquartered in Toronto where it assembles its Food Safety Systems for Neo-Pure, and conducts food safety science by chemists, microbiologists, and engineers.


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Lab Technician

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Food Safety Science Leader

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Senior Food Microbiologist

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Director of Engineering

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Junior Lab Technician

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Senior Lab Technician

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Technical Program Manager

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Our world faces major challenges. There may be no bigger challenge than the need to feed our rapidly growing population, but in a safe, secure, and sustainable manner. To feed more people in the past, we moved from local subsistence farming to global food production. This transformation achieved its goal of increasing yields and food production, which led to massive growth in population.

But this transition has threatened the safety and security of our food, and the sustainability of our world. Food safety is one of the challenges our global food system is facing with food poisoning, toxins on food, and food allergies grabbing news headlines regularly. Every year, foodborne diseases result in:

  • 420,000 deaths worldwide; 1/3 of those being young children under the age of 5
  • 600 million people fall ill from foodborne diseases globally (e.g. Salmonella, Listeria, and E. Coli); 48 million of which are in the U.S. alone

Agri-Neo wants to help. We want everyone to have enough to eat, without compromising safety, security, and sustainability. We want our food to be safe, healthy, and do not want to risk harming our environment. Our mission is to help safely feed the world. We are passionate about this because we want to have a growing impact. We do this by solving critical problems that have an impact on the world and by dedicating our careers to building a great company that is on a mission


To start achieving our mission, our vision is to set new food safety standards, initially with Neo-Pure for seeds, grains, and nuts. All milk is pasteurized, lettuce is sprayed with chlorine, but nothing is done for food safety for most dry foods because these conventional solutions do not work. As a result, outbreaks and recalls due to food poisoning from dry foods are numerous and can be severe, and the industry is in search of a standard solution. With the U.S. FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) being implemented, this is only accelerating the pressure on dry food processors to act.

Neo-Pure can solve this problem and set a new standard for food safety. It harnesses the power of oxygen to control pathogens like Salmonella on seeds, grains, and nuts. Unlike pasteurization, Neo-Pure keeps food raw, organic, and viable, just as nature intended. Neo-Pure is a liquid solution that is applied onto food in its Food Safety System as a validated intervention step at food processing sites. It pays off with its low upfront cost, and by mitigating the risk of recalls while improving food quality to increase sales for dry food processors.

Beyond Neo-Pure, there are many opportunities within food safety to set new standards given the trends towards raw food and increased food safety regulations. Agri-Neo intends to be a leading food safety company that launches new food safety products to help safely feed the world.