Implementing FSMA: 5 Simple Steps for Grain Processors

This week, I am at the 2016 American Association of Cereal Chemists International Annual Meeting (AACCI) in Savannah, Georgia, allowing me the opportunity to share Agri-Neo’s technology behind Neo-Pure, our organic, validated intervention for control of pathogens and unwanted microbes on seeds and grains.

With the recent Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance and documentation requirements, it is critical that grain processors take action now to prevent any contamination of their products. Here are five simple steps to get you started in creating a food safety protocol:

    1. Analyze: Grain processors should begin by conducting a thorough analysis of their risks throughout their supply chain. These risks can be biological, chemical and/or physical.
    2. Prevent: After assessing the aforementioned risk levels, processors should prepare and implement preventative controls to minimize any issues. One way this can be achieved is by leveraging our Neo-Pure Food Safety System. These controls should be regularly reviewed for effectiveness in preventing microbial contamination issues.
    3. Prepare: Concurrently, it is also important to prepare a product recall plan.
    4. Protect: For biological risks, review end product usage possibilities (i.e., should ready-to-bake/cook be treated as ready-to-eat?) and determine if additional actions need to be taken to protect consumers based on product type.
    5. Monitor: Maintain your protocol program thorough verification records to ensure that preventative controls are consistently implemented and effective.

For more information about how Agri-Neo can assist with implementing FSMA standards for grain processors, please stop by booth #320 on the AACCI show floor.