Agri-Neo and Red River Commodities Demonstrate Commitment to Highest Food Safety Standards With New Trustmark That Offers Seal of Assurance

Red River Commodities to Use Neo-Pure™ Trustmark on Red River Pure Brand of Seeds


TORONTO, March 5, 2020 – Food safety technology company Agri-Neo today announced the launch of its Neo-Pure Trustmark logo, which will be introduced in partnership with food ingredients processing company Red River Commodities. Red River Commodities will use the Neo-Pure Trustmark on its Red River Pure brand of ready-to-eat seeds to highlight its brand’s focus on food safety and demonstrate its continued commitment to providing products with the highest safety and quality standards. The partnership with Red River Commodities will be one of the first partnerships with food brands that will utilize the Neo-Pure Trustmark as a universally-recognized logo to assure partners that their products have gone through the highest food safety standards.

The Neo-Pure Trustmark is the company’s new seal of assurance that is applied on Neo-Pure pasteurized products. This is to assure food brands that they are receiving products that has been pasteurized with Neo-Pure – the only organic, non-thermal pasteurization process to eliminate harmful pathogens like Salmonella while keeping food truly raw, and preserving sensory nutrition, shelf life, and germination intact without any compromises. This partnership highlights the leadership and ongoing dedication Red River Commodities brings to food safety and quality. Red River Commodities is launching the Trustmark on March 5th at the Southern California Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Expo.

“Our strict quality control and food safety systems monitor every step of our process,“ said Josh Albrecht, Sales & Marketing Manager at Red River Commodities. “The Neo-Pure Trustmark on our Red River Pure product brand packaging will demonstrate to our customers that we are utilizing best-in-class pasteurization technology.”

“Neo-Pure is the only organic, non-thermal pasteurization that can provide a validated kill step of pathogens without compromising food quality,” said Matthew You, Sr. Marketing Manager at Agri-Neo. “Neo-Pure has been a key differentiator for our partners, and we wanted to create a Trustmark that would deliver another value-add for their brands.”

The Neo-Pure pasteurization process eliminates pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. Since it does not use steam, chemical gas or irradiation, it preserves the natural taste, smell, texture and nutrition of the food. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada have approved Neo-Pure as a processing aid, so labeling is not required. It is certified organic to the standards of the U.S. National Organic Program and Canada Organic Regime. It also meets Kosher and Halal guidelines.


About Agri-Neo

The Agri-Neo mission is to help safely feed the world by creating technology that sets new food safety standards. Neo-Pure™ from Agri-Neo maintains the nutrition that flourishes naturally in nuts, seeds and grains, and supports the health and well-being of people who eat it. Since 2009, Agri-Neo has invested significant resources in research and development with a dedicated team of food scientists, researchers and engineers. For more information, visit

About Red River Commodities

Red River Commodities, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amsterdam Commodities N.V., a publicly traded entity based in Rotterdam, Netherlands that sources, trades and distributes natural food products and ingredients to customers across the globe. Red River Commodities specializes in the production of USA grown confectionary sunflower, and other specialty crops such as flax, millet and pumpkin seeds. It operates from six different US sites, with headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota and production facilities for cleaning, sorting, grinding, custom roasting, packaging and pasteurization in North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas. From there, products for human consumption and wildlife feeding are shipped across the US and exported worldwide. Red River Commodities' customers can be found in the snacking, bakery, and ingredients industry along with the Sunbutter retail brand and wildlife retail products.