Agri-Neo Enhances Partner Support with a New Web Partner Portal



TORONTO, May 29, 2020 - Agri-Neo is excited to launch the Agri-Neo Partner Portal to provide its partners with convenient access to the latest Neo-Pure & Neo-Temper documents and resources. Agri-Neo partners can access the portal through Agri-Neo's website using their own log-in credentials to gain access to a wide range of information such as;

  • Operation resources such as system operation guides, safety documents, and labels.
  • Food safety science resources such as validation reports, and nutrition & germination analysis.
  • Regulatory approvals from the US FDA, US EPA, and Health Canada.
  • Certification from US National Organic Program, Canada Organic Regime, Halal, and Kosher.
  • Marketing resources such as brochures, articles, abstracts, images, and videos.

"Transparency and accessibility of information are key drivers for building a successful partnership," said Matthew You, Sr. Marketing Manager at Agri-Neo. "This easy-to-use online tool will help our partners access and gather accurate data for their food safety, operation, quality assurance, marketing, and compliance requirements."