Johnvince Foods Canada Implements New Neo-Pure Food Safety System to Pasteurize Nuts and Seeds

Long-time Agri-Neo customer increases throughput using fully-integrated, organic, non-thermal pasteurization system





TORONTO, July 23, 2020 - Agri-Neo has announced its long-time customer Johnvince Foods Canada has adopted the new, continuous Neo-Pure food safety system. As a result, Johnvince Foods Canada has increased throughput, operational efficiency and cost-savings as they provide high-quality nuts and seeds to their distributors, retailers and customers.

“Johnvince Foods Canada has been using Neo-Pure pasteurization to maintain the high food safety standards of our products,” said Luis Deviveiros, Vice President of Operations of Johnvince Foods Canada. “With the new, continuous Neo-Pure food safety system, we can offer our customers treatment at a higher throughput on a wide range of nuts and seeds to expand our business.”

Johnvince Foods Canada uses the Neo-Pure food safety system to pasteurize cashew, macadamia nut and pumpkin seed products, and plans to expand their portfolio of high-quality, safe nuts with this organic method. Because Neo-Pure pasteurizes food at a minimum of three metric tonnes per hour, the continuous-flow process improves efficiency.

“The Neo-Pure food safety system’s new design allows food processors to pasteurize at a higher volume in less time,” said Rob Wong, President of Agri-Neo. “The new food safety system also enables our partners to pasteurize additional foods to support their business growth.”

The new Neo-Pure food system is fully enclosed to prevent cross-contamination of food as it travels through the pasteurization process. Operators no longer manually move batches from point-to-point. Instead, the nuts move through the integrated system, so that more food is treated in less time compared to using batch systems.

Neo-Pure provides a validated 5-log kill step for a wide range of low-moisture foods while maintaining the raw nutrition and sensory qualities of nuts, seeds and grains. The Neo-Pure pasteurization process eliminates pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. It is certified organic to the standards of the U.S. National Organic Program and Canada Organic Regime, and also certified Kosher and Halal.


About Johnvince Foods

Johnvince Foods is an established leader in innovating, manufacturing and distributing quality bulk foods across North America. We continue to invest in state of the art processing and packaging machinery to transform raw materials into finished goods for the bulk food and packaged goods trades. In the mid 90's Johnvince Foods purchased the comprehensive right to the Planters brand for Canada from Hershey's Canada. Presently, all major grocery retailers in Canada, purchase the vast majority of their bulk food requirements from Johnvince Foods. For more information, visit