Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) and Agri-Neo form industry-first partnership to provide organically pasteurized dried onions

The partnership with food technology company Agri-Neo demonstrates OFI’s investment in enhanced food safety for both conventional and organic ingredients.

October 11, 2021 - Chicago, IL

Olam Food Ingredients (OFI), a global leader in natural and sustainable ingredients and solutions, is pleased to announce that its spices business is entering into a strategic partnership with Agri-Neo to provide the industry’s first organically pasteurized dried onions. The partnership combines OFI’s market leadership in dried onions and Agri-Neo’s pasteurization technology, Neo-Pure™.

As a certified-organic solution1, the Neo-Pure™ Pasteurized (NPP) dried onions will support OFI’s global customers in delivering ingredients to the highest food safety and quality standards. The technology enables pasteurization without radiation, which cannot be used in organic ingredient processing, and will enhance food safety in OFI’s organic and conventional dried onion ingredients.

OFI’s dried onions are used across a broad range of applications including pizzas, burgers, sauces, snacks, marinades and soups. As the world’s number one producer of dried garlic and onions, food manufacturers can trust OFI’s expertise in supplying safe, high-quality ingredients and the company’s co-creation capabilities across savory, snacking and bakery categories.

Combined with OFI’s transparent spices supply chain and expertise in farming, processing and food safety, the Agri-Neo partnership demonstrates OFI’s ongoing commitment to exceed customer expectations for safe and high-quality food ingredients.

CEO of OFI’s spices platform, Greg Estep said: 

“Whether our customers are seeking conventional or organic ingredients, our partnership with Agri-Neo enables us to provide these solutions as safely as possible. Ensuring that ingredients meet or exceed the highest safety standards – without harming the natural nutrition and sensory quality of the product – is part of our DNA at Olam Food Ingredients.

“Agri-Neo shares this view, as shown by the Neo-Pure™ integration. Consistently and effectively delivering high food safety standards, this all-natural pasteurization solution maintains the natural taste, color, and aroma of our comprehensive portfolio of dried onion ingredients.”

Rob Wong, President of Agri-Neo, added:

“The OFI-Agri-Neo partnership is a powerful combination. Neo-Pure™ has continued to set the pace as the market leader in food safety. It exceeds the rigorous ingredient industry efficacy standards by using a patented blend of organic actives in a dedicated food safety system to eliminate pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. It is a non-thermal pasteurization process that has been specifically developed to preserve food quality. We look forward to working with OFI’s spices platform to enhance food safety for more food ingredients with Neo-Pure™.”

OFI will showcase the partnership with Agri-Neo to provide organically pasteurized dried onion products at the Fall American Spice Trades Association (ASTA) event in October 2021.