‘Twas the day before holiday party – by Ashley Cloutier

'Twas the day before the holiday party

by Ashley Cloutier


‘Twas the day before the holiday party,
And all through the office,
Not a department was stirring,
Except maybe Eng/Ops is.

The systems were packed up and loaded with care,
With dreams of solution sales soon to be here.
And everyone in blue lab coats, some in white too,
Were wondering where all the time flew.

Our commercial team was locked in with meetings all day;
Accounts needed tending, before they went on vacay.
The on-deck list was long and had the lab team weary,
But showed opportunity to try some new theory.

When in from the front came Julie with a cheer:
“It’s time for our townhall, the lunch is here!”
Away to the kitchen the whole team did convene,
To grab some food and settle in by their screen.

The company listened for the last time in 2022,
About the covid vaccine update, and shots for the flu.
But as the meeting went on, each face grew a small smile
To see all of the memories that came from this last while.

With snow days and spirit days, and puppies and kids,
Gardens and breakfasts and Neo-Pure skids!
From lunches to almond runs to conferences galore,
And birthdays and birthdays, then birthdays some more!

As the year wraps up and comes to an end,
Those out-off office emails are ready to send,
From the connection committee to you we have one thing to state;
Happy 2023 to all! It’s you we appreciate!