Why We Are Here

Safer Food Saves Lives

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 10 people worldwide fall ill after eating contaminated food. As a result, approximately 420,000 people die from consuming unsafe food every year, with one-third of those being children under the age of 5. From farm-to-fork, everyone has a role to play in ensuring food safety. We are doing our part by transforming food safety for healthier and safer consumption.


Concerns about food safety have increased dramatically over recent years due to the growing number of food recalls. Consumer awareness has also heightened, with news of foodborne illnesses spreading quickly through a proliferation of social media channels. Regulators have responded with tougher regulations, like the U.S. FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), that compel the food industry to shift from a reactive to proactive approach to food safety. For food companies, ensuring food safety is no longer a choice; it is an indispensable part of their business to protect their customers and brand reputation.


Our mission is to help safely feed the world. Food safety is one of the major challenges we face as a global community, with food poisoning grabbing news headlines regularly. We want to do our part and solve the most impactful and challenging food safety problems in the world. Starting with Neo-Pure for nuts, seeds, grains, and spices, and Neo-Temper for flour, our vision is to set new food safety standards for food categories that do not have adequate solutions.

Our Journey

Our founders believe that building an organization that can make a lasting positive impact by solving the most challenging food safety issues is not only a worthy pursuit, but one that makes for a compelling business model. They also believe in the power of nature, and look to harness the innovation that lies within it to develop solutions to help safely feed the world.



Unlike equipment manufacturers who focus on a one-time sale, we have built a unique business model that ties our success with our client’s growth. We maintain a strategic relationship with each client by providing flexible and customized food safety solutions.

Food Safety Science Support

From new food validations to food safety and quality assurance audit support, our Food Safety Science team provides industry-leading benefits to support client growth.

  • Science-based preventive food safety controls to comply with regulations
  • New food validation to expand commercial opportunities
  • Customized solutions to meet specific market and client requirements
  • QA/QC and client audit support
  • Direct Verifiable (DV) auditor support to ensure compliance with the California almond industry
  • Ongoing R&D program to expand use cases with Agri-Neo food safety solutions (i.e., fresh and frozen foods)
Engineering & Operation Support

We stand behind our technology because we design it, build it, and validate it. Our Engineering and Operations experts ensure our food safety solutions integrate seamlessly into any operation.

  • On-site assessment to guide site preparation, operational process flow, and space set-up (i.e., clean room design)
  • Custom layout options, including CAD drawings
  • System assembly and installation guidance
  • On-site commissioning support, including operator and quality control training
  • Ongoing commercial run monitoring and troubleshooting
Sales & Marketing Support

As thought leaders in food safety, we collaborate with consumer brands, grocer retailers, academics, and regulators to address the ever-changing landscape of food safety. Our experienced Account Managers and Marketers provide ongoing support to ensure our technologies become a driver of success for our clients.

  • Dedicated business development to support new customer acquisition, and expansion of business with existing clients
  • Joint marketing efforts to raise awareness about Agri-Neo food safety technology benefits and our clients’ industry leadership
  • Creative services resources to develop customized marketing assets and collateral to support clients’ marketing efforts


Agri-Neo is globally recognized as one of the top food safety technology companies. Here are some of our latest recognitions.

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foodtech 500
Changemakers 2021
Mask Group 4@2x


As an active member of key industry associations, we advocate for better food safety through speakership, exhibition, and sponsorship. We are also represented on organic and food safety committees for various organizations.