What is Neo-Pure™?

Neo-Pure™ provides organic, non-thermal pasteurization of low-moisture foods such as nuts, seeds, and grains. It has been validated to achieve a 5-log (99.999%) reduction of pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. This innovative pasteurization process works by combining Neo-Pure™, an organic liquid solution composed entirely of ingredients found in nature, with the Neo-Pure™ food safety system, designed specifically for food processing.

What is the Neo-Pure™ food safety system?

The Neo-Pure™ food safety system pasteurizes low-moisture foods at a minimum of three metric tonnes per hour in a continuous process flow, with short cleaning cycles that maximize operational uptime. With a flexible layout and a footprint of only 1,500 square feet, the Neo-Pure™ food safety system seamlessly integrates into any operation.

How does Neo-Pure™ work?

The Neo-Pure™ pasteurization process works by misting Neo-Pure™ onto food and processing it through its dedicated food safety system. This process uniformly destroys pathogens on the foods’ surfaces, and in cracks and crevices that can harbor pathogens. Afterwards, Neo-Pure™ completely biodegrades, leaving the food safe and raw, just as nature intended.

Why Neo-Pure™?

Traditionally, steam and propylene oxide, also known as PPO, are used to pasteurize nuts, seeds and grains. But these approaches have major drawbacks. Steam pasteurization works by ‘cooking’ food, degrading it of vital nutritional, sensory, and germination characteristics. And PPO is a known carcinogen that is toxic to humans. Neo-Pure™ is an organic solution composed entirely of ingredients found in nature. Since Neo-Pure™ does not use steam, chemical gas or irradiation, the natural taste, smell, texture and nutrition of the food is preserved.

I work with low-moisture foods. How can I benefit from Neo-Pure™?

Neo-Pure™ provides tremendous value to food processors, ingredient suppliers, co-packers, and distributors. Product recalls can have a serious impact on your sales and brands. Neo-Pure™ mitigates food safety risk and protects your business. It also satisfies government regulations such as FSMA (USA) and SFCR (Canada). Neo-Pure™ also helps you obtain necessary certifications such as SQF and BRC. Not only does Neo-Pure™ mitigate food safety risk, but also contributes to your business growth by meeting your customer food safety and quality requirements. You can achieve revenue growth by providing toll service. Neo-Pure™ is the key competitive advantage that sets our partners apart from their competition.

Neo-Pure™ pasteurization involves moisture. How will this impact the end product?

The Neo-Pure™ organic pasteurization process involves misting an organic liquid called Neo-Pure™ onto the food. However, it completely biodegrades at the end of the process leaving the food truly raw. This is why the US FDA, US EPA and Health Canada all approved Neo-Pure™ as a processing aid. This means Neo-Pure™ does not need to appear on product label since it is not present in the finished food. Unlike other methods, the Neo-Pure™ pasteurization process happens in a matter of minutes. Neo-Pure™ biodegrades immediately after it is misted onto the food. As a result, the organoleptic characteristics like texture are unchanged. The Neo-Pure™ food safety system only removes the water Neo-Pure™ biodegrades to, so there is no yield loss, unlike steam pasteurization. This results in savings for our partners.

Has Neo-Pure™ been approved for use?

Neo-Pure™ is approved by the US FDA, US EPA and Health Canada as a processing aid, which means it is so safe to use that labelling is not required. It is certified organic to US NOP and Canadian COR standards. Neo-Pure™ is also certified Kosher and Halal.

How has the food industry received Neo-Pure™?

Neo-Pure™ has been accepted and approved by the food safety science community worldwide. The effectiveness of Neo-Pure™ in maintaining nutritional values while eliminating pathogens was published on the Journal of Food Protection. Our food scientists are invited to industry conferences to present Neo-Pure™ to the science community. The benefits of Neo-Pure™ have been recognized by food manufacturers and grocer retailers. Product made safe with Neo-Pure™ can be found at national club and organic grocer retailers across North America. Neo-Pure™ is the preferred food safety solution for low-moisture foods and we are excited to partner with food manufactures and grocer retailers to introduce more healthy and safe products for today’s consumers.

Who is Agri-Neo?

Agri-Neo is a food safety technology company. Our team cares about making food safe. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we are on a mission to help safely feed the world. Every day at Agri-Neo, we talk about solving the next big problem in food safety.

Unlike other equipment manufacturers who are solely focused on selling equipment, we have built a business model that ties our success with those of our partners over the long-term. As a result, we work hand-in-hand with them to address the ever-changing landscape of food safety. To support this unique approach to market, we have developed deep bench strength across a variety of disciplines – microbiology, food safety science, engineering, operations, commercial – to develop food safety solutions that can set industry standards.