How flexible is the Neo-Pure Food Safety System?

The Neo-Pure Food Safety System is designed to integrate seamlessly into any operation. All three system options can be installed in under 1,500 square feet of space. Our Engineering and Operations teams partner with you to ensure that the Neo-Pure pasteurization fits into your existing process flow.

Neo-Pure pasteurization involves moisture and drying. How will this impact the end product?

The Neo-Pure pasteurization process happens in a matter of minutes. The Neo-Pure Organic Solution biodegrades immediately after it is misted onto the food. This is why the U.S. FDA, U.S. EPA, and Health Canada have approved Neo-Pure as a processing aid. The use of Neo-Pure does not need to appear on product packaging since it is not present in the finished product. Our drying process uses a concept known as evaporative cooling to maintain food integrity. It works like a hand dryer in which the warm air only removes the surface moisture on your hands without damaging your skin or hands.

Where can I find products that are made safe using Neo-Pure?

Many leading food manufacturers and grocer retailers recognize the benefits of Neo-Pure. Products made safe with Neo-Pure can be found at national club and organic grocer retailers across North America. Neo-Pure is the preferred food safety solution for low-moisture foods, and we are excited to partner with industry stakeholders to introduce more healthy and safe products.

How is Agri-Neo able to perform food safety validations at commercial-scale in production flour mills?

Not all laboratory results extrapolate when implemented in a commercial-scale production flour mill operation. As a result, the flour milling industry needs to exercise stringent thresholds when vetting different food safety solutions to ensure that performance carries through to actual operating settings. Our food safety validations are performed in three stages (lab, pilot, commercial scale) to confirm efficacy of Neo-Temper at controlling pathogens, and functionality and quality of the end flour product. The Neo-Temper Commercial Mill Validation Program provides an on-site validation for each flour mill to ensure Neo-Temper works effectively under commercial settings. Our patent-pending wheat inoculation process makes us the only food safety technology company that can inoculate multiple tons of wheat kernels using a safe surrogate that mimics target pathogens.

How can Agri-Neo help my business grow?

Our ongoing advocacy in food safety has allowed us to collaborate with many industry stakeholders such as food manufacturers, grocer retailers, and academia. We closely work with our clients and industry stakeholders to enhance food safety across the food industry. Additionally, we provide food safety science, business development, and marketing resources to support our clients’ continuous efforts to protect consumers and businesses.

What is Agri-Neo’s Food Validation Process?

Our Food Safety Science team consists of food safety scientists and microbiologists who are passionate about finding better ways to make food safer. We have a fully equipped food safety laboratory, a pilot-scale food processing plant, and commercial-scale production systems, all under one roof to effectively carry out product validations. These validations are used by our customers to integrate Neo-Pure as a preventive control to meet food safety requirements set by regulators, food manufacturers, grocer retailers, and food safety certifying bodies (i.e., SQF, BRC).

We validate each food at multiple stages (lab, pilot, commercial scale) using both actual pathogens and compatible surrogates. We provide validation reports for all Neo-Pure pasteurized foods, and the effectiveness of Neo-Pure can be verified with third-party Process Authorities on-site at any facility.